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At Travel Ready Company, we know travel through your job (corporate travel) is a big part of the industry.  Here are a view tips and guidelines on what most companies will and will not pay for.  It is important to check with you individual company as well.

If you are an infrequent traveler, you may need some tips to keep your spouse happy while you are jet setting around the globe. Many people do not understand the toll on your marriage constant travel exerts. Occasionally, you will visit places that your spouse would love to attend. While entertaining clients, you may end up near a place dear to your spouse’s heart.  You may encounter a location that she has always wanted to go.  Also, they simply may want a little time with the person they love.  So once you are decided on adding your spouse to the next corporate itinerary, reviewing the business travel procedure is the next step. Most businesses have fairly lax rules on spousal travel.. Most companies however wave the extra charge in hotels for spouses if you are in good standing (or high enough position) with them.

Plan to have to make changes to your travel schedule if you are bringing your husband or wife.  With the lodging set, you will need to start looking at transportation expenses. Unless you work for a company that is far more liberal than most, you will be out of pocket for your spouse’s travel. So start looking at sites to compare prices. By researching early, you have the opportunity to cut costs from your bill.  Doing your homework early will allow to get the better deals and plan for what could happen. Always research all reasonable arrival locations for the best price. A great example of this was my co-worker who was asked to go to Germany for some worksite analysis. His spouse made the decision that she was going to also be going to Germany. After looking at tickets from the local airport to Frankfurt (typical landing point) he found the tickets to cost no less than $1395.00. He talked with me and I suggested he look at Berlin International Airport. The total for the ticket dropped to $611.00.  The boss still had to sign off on the itinerary because it increased his driving time on the ground by an hour. But the $600 + dollars that he saved on airfare more than made up for the increased car ride time.

On the subject of motor vehicles, make sure that the car rental agreement and insurance also include your spouse. If your wife is like mine, she may want to get out while you are in meetings or visiting sites. She may want to do a little shopping or sightseeing.  Addressing this ahead of time will save some arguments and frustration later.  Cost of food is the last time to budget for. Research your company’s rules closely on food. Lunch and dinner are generally not paid for by most companies.  Breakfast however can be expensed to corporate accounts. As a matter of fact, I have seen one employee terminated due to violating dining rules. Now he had other issues, but this is the corporate policy that he broke that achieved the pink slip.

So in short you need to research where you are traveling too, you need to research when you are going to be traveling, and you need to look in depth at your corporate travel policies and don’t assume anything. Corporations have been in business for many years and most of the expense details are spelled out clearly in their guidelines. Where there is headway ask your supervisor and they should be able to inform you of exactly what will and will not be allowed to pass on your expense report.
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