by Travel World Staffon July 06, 2018

Maldives is located within the Indian Ocean, southwest from the countries of India and Sri Lanka.  It consists of over 1000 islands that extend southward into the ocean.  Although it can be expensive, Maldives does provide a tranquil getaway for the tropic loving traveler.

Lodging in Maldives

With a distinct blend of crystal blue waters, beaming sunlight and white sandy beaches, Maldives provides a tropical backdrop matched by few other locales.  Hotels here take advantage of the gorgeous scenery by making special areas for romantic dining and providing direct routes to the beach from guest rooms. Smaller boutique establishments can do even better by providing a modern atmosphere while catering to the guests.  The places provide everything you want and could want; for a price of course. 

the Dhoni Mighili is the most exclusive hotel in the Maldives.  Sleeping just twelve persons, this gem is located on the Ari Atoll islands.  You can arrive by a private plane, luxury motorboat or even a intimate Dhoni. You will have access to a butler to take care of your needs.  In contrast, the Huvafen Fushi is another indulgent choice for boutique hotel.  Located a 30 minute ride from the Male' Airport, this resort only have TWO villas onsite.  That means if you can get in here, it will only be you and one other set of guests.  Want a private massage on the beach, no one around but one other couple to care.  Truly the epitome of indulgence


Sights and Attractions in the Maldives (Male)

Islands in the Maldives are small and island hopping from island to island is simple. While it is no surprise people come for snorkeling, diving and boating, a visit to the city of Male should be on your itinerary.  Here you can find small shops/markets, the Male Fish Market and mosques such as the Grand Friday Mosque.  Also in Male is the Tsunami Monument erected for victims of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Most of the touristy highlights are found in Male. Otherwise, soak up the sun, enjoy the wind and maybe even hit up the spa for a massage on the beach.

(The Tsunami Monument in Maldives)


Getting around in the Maldives

A few of the islands of the Maldives are under regulation by the local government.  These areas have sanctions imposed to prevent damage to villages and surrounding landscapes.  Travel within these areas is restricted to methods that will not hurt the villagers or environment. Moving around non-restricted islands can be done with small planes, a dhoni (pictured below) or a motorboat.  Getting around most of the islands can be done on foot or on a bike due to their size.

(Dhoni boat in the Maldives) 

The Maldives is a place few travelers make it to due to the time and expense of getting there.  If you are fortunate enough to make it there, prepare for a great indulgence that is hard to match.  If you are headed to the Maldives or any where else, start with a visit to our store to get everything you need to stay #TravelReady

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