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Every so often, we all should do something nice for ourselves.  On vacation, a luxury experience is one way to treat yourself.  It gives you the feeling of being like the rich and famous even if you do not have a rich and famous salary.  One method to accomplish this is via yacht chartering.  Yacht chartering companies offer specific, customized vacations that are truly One-of-a-kind.
Planning Your Luxury Trip First thing is first, you need know a few things, most importantly:  your budget.  Also know your party size and where you would like to sail to/from.  Once you know these things, you can begin by selecting a charter company (a few are listed here).    Ships vary based on group size and how long you want to sail.  For smaller groups like two, you can get a sailboat/motorboat with or without crew and captain.  If you can prove you are knowledgeable about sailing and capable of operating a boat, certain companies will let you sail without their sea crew.  For larger parties, a large vessel with complete crew would be required.
After you figure out your budget and ship size, the consideration is the route of your cruise. You could start your journey close to home and decide where you would like to end.  You can add stops to your route as you see fit too.  If you are looking to save a little money, departing and returning to the same point is more cost efficient.  Also, it is easier to plan return travel home when you finish at the same point.
If you and your party are looking to be more adventurous, you can catch a flight to a distant place and sail from there.  Places such as the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Caribbean and the Panama Canal have luxury yacht charters nearby that will take you on the personalized cruise of your dreams.

Another aspect of your charter to consider is the extra amenities on board.  For example, the number of crew members you want and experience level of the captain.  But some companies will also let you add plush perks such as housekeeping service on ship, a chef to cook for you and a service crew to serve food, etc. as part of the experience.
Looking for the true “sailor” experience but want to stay safe in the process.  You can join a vessel where you work as a deckhand for the ship you sail upon.  The other veteran crew will give you “duties” in the manner a deck hand would have while ensuring your safety on board.  A truly unique experience for most people.

Destinations & Ports of important Charter Companies  Luxury yacht charter offer great customization of the vacation experience.  You get to decide how long to stay at each stop, if you want to add stops along the way or just take your time and enjoy the sea.  Do keep in mind that Mother Nature may also alter your vacation plans in the form of rough seas or storms when planning.
One of the other pluses about a custom yacht is that your home floats along with you.  No matter how many different locations you travel to, you only need to unpack once and only setup your living quarters one time.
Charter yacht provide a much cozier experience than a cruise.  Unlike those giant ships, you do not have to share your space with thousands of people, stand in lines for food or have to share a hot-tub with someone you do not know.  Having only the people you want around combined with being able to add special touches to your vacation will help you enjoy cruising that much more.
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